Overall campaign description and main storyline

NOTE: All content on this site refers to Director's Cut, not to original campaign included in 1.05 patch for ARMA 2.


The United States and the Russian Federation are at war - the Third World War. There is combat in the West, East and South. EWinter cares not for who started the war, who is right or who is better. No. When piloting an RAH-66 Comanche helicopter, the only things he's concerned about are not aware of his presence until the last moment – when it's usually too late.

Eagle Wing is an elite US Marine flight squadron. They do not respond to the distressed calls of infantry, nor to the air support requests of frightened tank divisions, and not at all to reconnaissance requests when others are stockpiling weapons. Eagles are predators. They travel far behind enemy lines, avoiding scout patrols, and remaining invisible until the key moment whence they strike, destroying important designated targets. The Iraqis lost unimaginable numbers of SCUDs to these predators, Afghan field warlords supply lines of weapons and money were similarly disrupted, and North Korea lost the product of their nuclear program in pretty spectacular and embarassing way.

However, there is an even more critical challenge for Eagle Wing today. Russia has once again become enemy, and disorganized packs of militia have been replaced by an effective modern military. "Eagle Whiskey 42", as Winter's codename rings, is one of the many gears of an unstoppable war machine. His wing assists in opening the Southern front of Chernarus, which is controlled by the Russian military, to invasion. If all goes as planned, the enemy will be cut-off from their rich oil finds, for where there is no oil, there is no war.

Operation Echo Wave is a go.


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